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About Us

Apex Machine Products, Inc. began making screw machine products in 1943 in small garage in Racine, WI.  Apex quickly outgrew the garage and we moved to our current location where we occupy nearly 10,000 sq ft. of manufacturing area. 

A sampling of the industries we serve include agricultural equipment, heat transfer systems, hydraulic systems and off-road/heavy-equipment transmissions.

We have exceptional delivery and quality records with our customers.

We manufacture items from a variety of materials including:

  • Carbon Steel 
  • Alloy Steel 
  • Stainless Steel 
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Delrin & PVC

We program our CNC lathes and design all of our screw machine cams. We design all of our screw machine form tools. 

To reduce costs and increase our responsiveness to our 
customers needs, we maintain a complete cam library, and large inventories of tooling & inspection equipment.

Our work force is experienced, conscientious, and stable.  Our outside vendors for plating, heat-treating, and grinding are long-term, local and reliable.

Together, our vendors and skilled work force make for a well oiled team that puts out a quality products!

116 Edgar Avenue
South Milwaukee, WI 53172
Phn: 262-735-0101
Fas: 888-822-8960
Alliance Manufacturing Group, LLC f/k/a Apex Machine Products Phone: 262-735-0101 Fax: 888-822-8960
email: sales@alliancemfggroup.com